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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of evidence in the room with them and a list of charges to work their way through. it's a low tech way to widdle down the jury, numbers from an old fashioned wooden container leaving 16-year-old philip chism's fate in the hands of four women and eight men. >> philip chism, a kind, smart 149 year old committed these terrible -- 14-year-old committed these terrible acts. >> chism's defense attorney not even disputing he raped and killed his 24-year-old math teacher colleen ritzer when he was in the throws of psych cosis. >> he was a 14-year-old freshman boy going to a school where he knew no one. >> prosecutor kate mcdougal
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replaying the surveillance of chism talking ritzer after school. chism appearing at attention, ritzer's mother with her head hanging. >> there is not one single person in this courtroom who wants to believe that a 14 year old boy could have done this. and not be crazy. but doing something so awful does not make you crazy. >> reporter: this is the jury verdict slip, it's a little more complicated than one might realize. a list of four different charges then under each one several different options and criteria as jurors consider the charges of murder, two charges of rape and armed robbery, these jurors are back at it tomorrow morning. in salem, christina ago arrest wbz news liam, lisa back to you. >> and we will be at the courthouse in salem while the jury deliberates and when a
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bring it to you on the air and online on latest on the run away redline train, we don't know what discipline if any the conductor will face. this is the governor honoring two mbta workers. ken, we have just learned why the conductor did not attend today's hearing? >> reporter: yes, he said he didn't attend because this thing has put him through so much stress, his attorney didn't come here either. this is as you mentioned where the personnel board met today to dissect the suspected missteps of the train operator, david vazquez, not far away other t workers were getting a pat on the back. the governor led the applause this morning after signing off on accommodations. the two tveitt rans got a
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train was a driver less run away and bringing it to a stop third rail. >> getting a lot of criticism, our employees get a lot of criticism, when we have employees who do their jobs and do it well and exceed job acknowledged. >> reporter: roughly the same time the t personnel board was scrutinizing the suspected gaffs of train driver david vazquez, he rigged a cord around the throttle and failed to set the brake. >> so the disciplinary process remains under way and we are not at liberty to discuss it, we'll let you know as soon as there is a conclusion to the process. >> reporter: the driver less train sailed through four stations with 50 passengers on board. the redline runs on 1960's technology and some have suggested drivers commonly invent short cuts to stay on schedule. >> is that something common, uncommon, i don't have that
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asked those conducting the investigation to cover those issues. >> reporter: the t's top man is quick to remind all that nobody was hurt. >> i hope the public understands that the system worked, we had several breakdowns in the normal operating procedures and yet we were still able to intervene. >> reporter: vazquez remains off the job indefinitely tonight, i'm told there is no specific time table for the disciplinary process, live tonight in downtown boston ken mccloud wbz news. this was a major traffic mess oned 3 this morning and the reason -- 93 this morning, and the reason a serious rollover crash, police are telling us they are investigating this, the driver her way to the hospital. >> this is new tonight at 5:00, a plea to the public, someone hit and killed an elderly woman and they are asking for your
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>> description is a black -- a boxee black station wagon type vehicle, the vehicle hit the suspect and fled the scene. at the time of the accident, the person was a white male with gray hair, he was wearing khaki pants, a plaid shirt and a black jacket. >> witnesses saw the driver get out of his car after hitting this 78-year-old woman to inspect, and then he left the scene, if you have information you can contact quincy police. i want to give you live look at a very foggy, warm evening. you can make out all those lights on the mass pike but you can't see the city. if you want fresh air and you are not afraid of the moss, weird night. it's like a horror film with all the moths, it's been so mild outside, fog is the biggest story in the short- quarter mile, so it is going to be a slow commute, if you are out traveling low beam travel,
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continue to at least until 9:00 this evening. story number two, big storm system that is mostly rainfall, some of that rain is starting to approach new england, it's drizzling and mist right now. moving into pennsylvania and that rain starts to move in around here. temperatures moving up as we head through the overnight hours, they spike to around 60 degrees, that is where we will stand tomorrow morning and rain showers will start to move out, in fact strong wind gusts tomorrow, we'll talk about those and if winter is going to minute. today president obama is talking tough when it comes to the fight against isis he had a simple message to terrorist leaders today, you are next. >> we are hitting isil harder than ever, we are going after isil from their stronghold right in downtown rock ka to libya, the point is isolate i don't remembers cannot hide. >> we are getting and up-close look at the real danger, we go
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up at 5:30. the third anniversary of sandy hook anniversary, it's in a back bay near the heinz convention center, gun control supporters says this billboard honors the victims and the effectiveness of massachusetts gun laws, there have been memorials and moments of silence all over the country. it was the second dead least mass shooting in u.s. history, paula evan has more on this somber day from our satellite center. >> flags across couldn't couldn't were flying at half staff to mark the anniversary of the shooting at the school in new town. 20 children and six adults were killed three years ago at sandy hook elementary school. counselors were on hand all day. this is actually the first time the anniversary falls on a weekday. and the day sparked gun violence rallies across the country. at one in front of the nra
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of a young reporter who was shot live on the air earlier this year spoke out. >> we cannot allow our children to become come lateral damage and that is exactly what they have become, it's been acceptable for children at sandy hook, our daughter allison, all of these children can die, i had accept that. >> nearly hundred orange blocks took place across the country this weekend, participants wore orange because they say it's the color that symbolizes the value of human life, paula evan, liam. bill cosby is now suing seven of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct. comedian calls the women's claims false and opportunistic, they've caused him to suffer job losses, boston university trustees voted to revoke and
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cosby, saying cosby's treatment of women does not fit with the university's values. a new poll in iowa shows texas senator ted cruz leading the pack. bloomberg politics poll puts cruz ahead of donald trump and up it 1 points since the last poll in october. among the democrats, a new nbc wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton beating both cruz and trump in a general election matchup but lose to go marco rubio. tonight the patriots are back on track, bray dee and boys were able to pull off a win. rob gronkowski was back on the field. they clinch a spot in the playoffs. >> it's a game, i feel like after two weeks of patriots turmoil everything is back to normal. pats are once again number one
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ron gronkowski was back out there on the field last night, the pat's offensive machine was back up and running. 89 yards and a touchdown, playing in over 60% of the offensive snaps, but more importantly came away feeling fine. and what is going on with james white, another solid game for the second year player, he ran a touch down, he had four catches for 38 yards, pats get a victory and they are happy to be back on the winning side. >> we need a win every week, that is what our goal is every week, focus on our opponent that week and get the win that week. it feels good to be back on track on that winning side. >> that is why you can't get too high when things are going well and you can't too low when things are not going well. we understand the way this league works, so, you just have to stay the course and realize
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the season, you have to persevere through them and we were able to do that tonight. >> it's not like everything is happy happy joy joy nfl network steve rap pa port left with a sprained ankle, x-rays were negative. the initial word is that devin will miss time but back for the playoffs. blunt left last night's game with a left hip injury, it happened in the second quarter, blunt walked under his own power to the locker room, no word yet on the severity of this injury. so who's available on sunday? speaking ever sunday, patriots game day starts on wbz at 11:30, kickoff is at 1:00. 38. it just feels like everything is back to normal. pats win, everyone outside new england can't stand them, this is victory monday. still to come, concerns new
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. a new study out today raising concerns about pregnant mothers taking antidepressants. >> and specifically whether it increases the risk of having a child with autism. >> there are a number of factors to consider. >> no date -- new data suggests risk of autism doubles for children whose mother takes antidepressants during pregnancy, shot up 87% whose mothers took drugs like prozac or zoloft. but doctors warn untreated depression poses its own risk for mother and baby and that
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>> that means that the chances of these women not having a child with autism were about 997-98%. >> >> people should not panic. >> he says he will continue to prescribe antidepressants to pregnant women who need them. >> over the years i worked with many obstetricians, we have to decide individually for each person what the risk benefit ratio is. >> doctors emphasize the most important thing is to keep taking prescribed medications and consult your physician, not to stop them abruptly. and they say talk therapy and other nondrug options may be an alternative for certain patients. >> okay, so this is another recent headline identifying a possible risk factor in mom that could increase the risk of autism in they are child, last week it was policy cystic ovary syndrome, i want to remind parents there are a host of conditions and oaks pose yours
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looking at every stud i don't, moms and dads should not blame themselves. >> doctor, thank you. foggy but warm and still just too nice out there. >> not a typical december, certainly, but it is almost like a magic trick, like you removed the city of boston from the live picture and it has left a mess. >> yeah, a lot of fog out there, a murky day for us. >> yeah. >> it's usually cold in december, the snow on ground and then you develop the fog, now it's just warn outside. december is running way above average, today another red square, in fact getting warner as we head through tonight, this is going to be in the top five of warmest diseases on record. temperatures 499 in boston, 54 at norwood, 57 in new bedford, warmer air continuing to push its way northward, and the forcing for that, storm system to the west and moderate air is moving up the coast, warm front is just pushing through as we
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towns toward of 0 degrees during the or night -- 60 degrees during the overnight hours. dense fog advisories out for all the states heading done to rhode island and connecticut, be cautious traveling, visibility down below a quarter of a mile. so notice your hour by hour, now we are starting to get our showers and downpours as we approach 9:00 and 10:00, todd's high temperature will be at is 91:59 p.m. for all of these towns, tomorrow morning we still have the showers, they start wrapping up between 6:00-7:00 a.m., well into the 50s if not 60 to start the day. afternoon slowly the temperatures will start falling back, by tomorrow evening, even though it's still mild by december standards it is going to feel cooler because we are factoring in a lot of wind. in the mid of of the night, this is a look at major cities here, hartford has the only chance i think of actually
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something we'll monitor, boston will fall short, wooster will fall short as well. wind advice hes out, -- advisories out. most of our gusts out of the west will be 35-45 miles per hour but a couple up to 50, can't be ruled out. so a gusty tuesday. showers ending in the morning, very mild out the door, wind increases as we head toward midday into the afternoon, temps will hold into the 50s and then they start to fall back into the evening time frame. blustery, it will feel cooler. then we head toward wednesday and high pressure builds in. bright skies for the midweek, it will feel more crisp, wednesday, a surge of milder air on thursday, this is going temperatures by thursday will hop back up into the 50s, maybe you are asking are we going to get any cold, is it going to feel like christmas, this weekend is where we are watching, late friday into saturday and sunday, we'll get colder temperatures, they are
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three days and we are going to get back into the warn stuff next week. accuweather seven day, most of this week easy to take. rainfall for late thursday, weekend highs in the 30s to low 40s so it will feel i can the holiday time frame, we will talk about the christmas week, it is looking awfully mild. >> thank you, eric. the queen of christmas, i'm jumping ahead. we have all heard about dogs chasing the mailman, but how about turkeys. >> one letter carrier on cape cod cannot shake these ten ashes birds, take a look. >> every day. -- ten ashes birds. >> he said it as a matter of fact, each day he carries that pole with him to pend off the birds as they chase him along his route. this video has been watched more than a million times. >> so funny because there are other people in the neighborhood and they are not
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not everybody can do that. >> grain in his pocket. >> dropping them a little something. now we are talking about the queen of christmas but she has been dethroned. >> why mariah carey is no longer all you want for christmas. special kids and their family also not forget it, santa delivering the christmas memory of a lifetime. coming up new at 6 owe coloring, holiday greetings headed over seas. >> these guys sacrifice so much for our country. >> two women and their mission to spread christmas cheer. >> some of these individuals have been deployed for five-six months and have not received a
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you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. for so long it was unbeatable but the queen of christmas songs has been dethroned, no longer the top holiday hit, the new song of the season, a company that puts together play lists says it is the paul mccartney wonderful christmas time. what makes christmas wonderful long after the actual holiday are the memories,. >> for the kids with special needs and their family it can be a difficult experience, santa wants to change that. susie steimle shows us how.
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kids and head to the mall for a photo with an old friend. but for some families the effort involved in seeing santa often isn't worth the wait. >> my youngest son has autism and cannot wait in line. and crowds. >> that is why pam started bringing her son to caring santa at the burlington mall designed to give kid with special needs alone time with santa. >> the elevators are off, music is off, and there aren't crowds. and the children get as much time with santa as they want. >> as kids get older they stop coming to the mall to stop visit santa each year, but here they come back as his helpers. >> sometimes being a volunteer has a messy job. >> brett can tell you firsthand how frustrating lines and crowds can be for a kid with autism. >> it's a little -- >> at 16 he is now a little too
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lap but he wanted to come back to help keep other kids calm. >> here i'm helping out kids create ornaments, do drawing, santa. >> parents of kids with disabilities sometimes don't get special treasured moments because of the challenges our kids face. >> it's no surprise that milestones can be emotional for parents, but this one struck a cord with santa, too. >> a lot of them are special needs so it's really a special -- special feeling. >> yeah, what's it like for you? >> it's emotional. >> it's an event in keeping of what the holiday season is about, one brings more than a twinkle to the eye of old st. nick. >> if we can get one of the children to smile, it's more
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>> in burlington, susie steimle wbz news. how about that, susie, thank you. a generous ring donation, the salvation arm last week has spark add wave of glitzy giving, someone donated this emerald jewelry worth nearly thousand dollars at a stop and shop, left a note that reads inspired by the story of the widow who donated her diamond ring last year. they weren't i think so ifed, someone dropped a silver dollar, this silver dollar from 1800s in a kettle reads in memory of mom, at north station in, a diamond ring that said i donated loving meemie a of a loving fiance and in remembrance of all of those who grieve that they may have hope, merry christmas. still to come, hover boards were hot to begin with, be aware, they'll now be even
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retrailer no longer selling them because of safety concerns. plus, two sexual assaults at a local college just days after the campus police forced
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